Welcome to the CustomerGlu integration guide for Talon.One. This document outlines the process for integrating Talon.One's powerful customer engagement features, including coupon creation, referral code generation, and loyalty ledger queries, with Customerglu. By integrating these services, you can enhance your gamification solutions with personalised promotions, loyalty programs, and more.

Getting Started

Before you begin, ensure you have access to your Talon.One and Customerglu accounts and possess the necessary API keys for integration.


  • Active accounts on both CustomerGlu and Talon.One.

  • Talon.One API Key.

  • Application ID and Campaign ID from Talon.One.

Integration Steps

1. Creating Coupons

To generate a coupon code in Talon.One that can be used within CustomerGlu:

  • Endpoint: GET /customer_engagement/coupon

  • Full URI Example: https://integration.talon.one/customer_engagement/coupon?applicationId=YOUR_APPLICATION_ID&campaignId=YOUR_CAMPAIGN_ID

  • Required Parameters:

    • applicationId: The ID of your Application in Talon.One.

    • campaignId: The ID of your campaign in Talon.One.

2. Generating Referral Codes

For creating a referral code in Talon.One:

  • Endpoint: GET /customer_engagement/referral

  • Required Parameters:

    • campaignId: The ID of your campaign in Talon.One.

    • advocateProfileIntegrationId: The integration ID of the advocate.

3. Querying Loyalty Ledger

To retrieve loyalty ledger information for a customer profile:

  • Endpoint: GET /customer_engagement/loyalty

  • Required Parameters:

    • profileIntegrationId: The integration ID of the customer profile in Talon.One.

    • loyaltyProgramId: The ID of the loyalty program in Talon.One.

Detailed Response Examples

To aid in understanding the expected outcomes of your API calls, below are sample responses for key operations:

  1. Creating Coupons

  1. Generating Referral Codes

  1. Querying Loyalty Ledger


Following these steps will allow you to integrate Customerglu with Talon.One’s customer engagement features, empowering you to deliver personalised customer experiences. For more detailed information on each step and additional functionalities, refer to the Talon.One API documentation.

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