🔌Third-Party Integrations

Integrate with tools that you already use to get started with CustomerGlu

3rd party integrations enables CustomerGlu to connect seamlessly with your existing tool stack and create rich and unified experiences.

🎮 Explore the immersive realm of Gamification with CustomerGlu's extensive integration capabilities:

  1. Source Integration: Dive into the heart of Gamification by leveraging CustomerGlu's integration with various sources.

  2. Destination Integration: Extend the reach of Gamification beyond boundaries with CustomerGlu's integration support for diverse destinations.

  1. Analytics: Send CustomerGlu data back to popular CDPs and CEPs to analyze the usage data further

  2. Activities: Receive user activity data eg. Purchase Completed, Review added etc to complete missions or trigger rewards

  3. Messaging Channels: Connect with popular Customer Engagement Platforms to send nudges, reminders, rewards over messaging channels viz Push Notifications, Emails, SMS or more.

  4. Cohorts: Load your existing cohorts or user segments created within various 3rd party platforms like Mixpanel or Amplitude to run gamified campaigns on those.

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