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Welcome to the CustomerGlu integration guide for This document provides detailed instructions on integrating's targeted messaging and automation capabilities with CustomerGlu. Enhance your engagement strategies by leveraging to send personalised messages based on user behaviour and data.

Getting Started

Before initiating the integration, ensure you have administrative access to both your CustomerGlu and accounts and have the necessary API keys and credentials at hand.


  • Active CustomerGlu and accounts.

  • API Key and Region.

Get your API Key and Region from

  1. Login to your account and navigate to Data Pipelines

  1. Find your's Data Center by opening the Privacy & Data Settings

Note down your Data Center, we'd need this info to complete integration within CustomerGlu

  1. Navigate to Sources -> click on Add source to add a new HTTP source

  1. Name the HTTP Source and copy your API key and then finish the integration setup from CustomerGlu

Complete setup within CustomerGlu

  1. Login to your CustomerGlu Dashboard and navigate to Dev Console, and click on the integration

  1. Fill in the API Key and Data Center Region as noted in the previous steps and click Save

Test your integration

  1. After saving the API credentials in CustomerGlu Dev Console, head back to the HTTP Source Page in and click on Test connection

  1. Congratulations! You've successfully enabled Data flow from CustomerGlu to, to save the integration click on Complete Setup

In case you're not able to see a "Success! Your source is connected" message from, you can Retest connection in 10 minutes or Save & Complete Later

If the integration isn't working on following the above steps, please contact CustomerGlu Support.

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