Demo Apps

Check out Demo Mobile applications, which have the Customerglu SDKs integrated already

You can use these Demo Apps to experiment with various use cases via the CustomerGlu dashboard, even before integrating on your own apps. New campaigns and Entrypoints can be launched via the dashboard and observed on these apps.

Contact CustomerGlu Team for Dashboard Access


Using the Demo Apps


Test out your Environment

If you have received dashboard access, you can choose this option. This will require you to enter your specific writekey and test out the campaigns launched on the same.

Explore Demo App

Use the demo dashboard shared by CG Team

Note: This environment will be used by multiple teams at any given time, inconsistencies can be expected.​

User Id

Enter any user id, the same will be registered with CustomerGlu and will be used as the unique identifier for that user.

Write Key

Enter the Writekey for your Environment.​

How to find your Writekey?

Note: Not required if β€œExplore the Demo Apps” option is selected.


You are now in the Demo App UI. You can launch various campaigns on the Dashboard (Demo or your Specific Dashboard) and add Entrypoints like Banner and Popups, which will reflect on the app.

Demo App Components

The demo apps includes the following resources/components which can be used via the dashboard for configuring Campaigns and Entrypoints:

Component List

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