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Welcome to the CustomerGlu integration guide for Amplitude. This document provides detailed instructions on integrating Amplitude's analytics and cohort sync capabilities with CustomerGlu. Utilizing Amplitude's cohort sync activities, you can tailor your gamification campaigns to specific user groups, ensuring relevance and effectiveness in your engagement efforts.

Getting Started

Before initiating the integration, ensure you have administrative access to both your CustomerGlu and Amplitude accounts and have the necessary API keys and credentials at hand.


  • Active CustomerGlu and Amplitude accounts.

  • Amplitude API Key and Region.

Get your API Key and Region from Amplitude

  1. Login to your Amplitude account and navigate to Organization settings.

  1. Navigate to Integration Portal and then click on Add New Source.

  1. Select CustomerGlu, toggle "Show Project API Key" and copy the API key under "Connect to Amplitude" Section

  1. Find the URL in the sample payload under Test Source section and map it to the screenshot below to know which region you fall under.

Complete setup within CustomerGlu

  1. Login to your CustomerGlu Dashboard and navigate to Dev Console, and click on the Amplitude integration

  1. Fill in the API Key and Data Center Region as noted in the previous steps and click Save.

If the integration isn't working on following the above steps, please contact CustomerGlu Support.

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