Ride Utility

Data specification for applications in ride utility industry




Homepage Viewed

User viewed the home page

Category Viewed

User viewed the category page

Product Viewed

User viewed product detail page

Notification Inbox Viewed

User viewed notification inbox in the app

Promo Page Viewed

User viewed promotions page



Pickup Location Entered

User entered the pickup location

Drop Location Entered

User entered the drop location

Category Clicked

User clicked on the category of ride i.e. one-way, outstation, rental, etc

Product Clicked

User clicked on the product for ride i.e. cabs, auto, sedans, SUV, etc

Ride Request Step Viewed

User viewed different pages in ride request i.e. fare estimate, searching for provider

Payment Info Entered

User entered the payment information

Ride Request Started

User started request for a ride

Ride Request Cancelled

User cancelled ride request

Ride Request Expired

Ride request expired due to service unavailability

Ride Request Completed

Ride request completed and provider is assigned

Ride Cancelled

User/Provider cancelled the ride

Ride Started

Ride was started

Ride Updated

Ride details were updated

Ride Completed

Ride was completed



Promo Entered

User entered a coupon on cart

Promo Applied

Coupon was applied on cart

Promo Denied

Coupon was denied from cart

Promo Removed

User removed a coupon from cart



Wallet Recharge Clicked

User clicks on wallet recharge

Payment Info Entered

User entered payment information

Wallet Recharged

Wallet successfully recharged

Wallet Amount Deducted

Amount is deducted from wallet

Wallet Amount Refunded

Amount is refunded to wallet

Wallet Promotion Added

Promotion amount added to wallet



Support Contacted

User contacted support

Support Ticket Raised

Support ticket raised for user

Support Ticket Closed

Support ticket closed for user

User Contacted

Support contacted user

Support Status Checked

User checked support ticket status