Data specification for applications in e-commerce industry




Homepage Viewed

User viewed the home page

Category Viewed

User viewed the category page

Sub-category Viewed

User viewed the sub-category page

Brand Viewed

User viewed the brand page

Product Viewed

User viewed the product detail page

Products Searched

User searched for products

Product List Viewed

User viewed a product list

Product List Filtered

User filtered a product list

Wishlist Viewed

User viewed the wishlist

Product Reviews Viewed

User viewed product reviews/ratings

Notification Inbox Viewed

User viewed in-app notification inbox

Promo Page Viewed

User viewed promotions page

Product Unavailable

User viewed a Product which is unavailable

Flash Sale Viewed

User viewed the flash sale page



Product Added

User added a product to their shopping cart

Product Removed

User removed a product from their shopping cart

Cart Viewed

User viewed their shopping cart

Checkout Started

User initiated the order process (a transaction is created)

Checkout Step Viewed

Fire this event whenever a checkout step is viewed.

Checkout Step Completed

User completed a checkout step

Payment Info Entered

User added payment information or selected previously saved payment method

Order Status Viewed

User viewed the order status

Order Completed

User completed the order

Order Updated

User updated the order

Order Cancelled

User cancelled the order



Product Added to Wishlist

User added a product to the wish list

Product Removed from Wishlist

User removed a product from the wish list



Product Shared

Shared a product with one or more friends

Cart Shared

Shared the cart with one or more friends



Product Reviewed

User reviewed a product

Product Rated

User added a product rating



Promo Entered

User entered a coupon on cart

Promo Applied

Coupon was applied on cart

Promo Denied

Coupon was denied from cart

Promo Removed

User removed a coupon from cart



Wallet Recharge Clicked

User clicks on wallet recharge

Payment Info Entered

User entered payment information

Wallet Recharged

Wallet successfully recharged

Wallet Amount Deducted

Amount is deducted from wallet

Wallet Amount Refunded

Amount is refunded to wallet

Wallet Promotion Added

Promotion amount added to wallet



Support Contacted

User contacted support

Support Ticket Raised

Support ticket raised for user

Support Ticket Closed

Support ticket closed for user

User Contacted

Support contacted user

Support Status Checked

User checked support ticket status