Incentive Coupon Infra

Managed offering of incentive coupon infrastructure

What is Mars Managed Incentive Coupon Infra?

Mars Incentive Coupon Infra is a managed offering that provides complete offer life cycle management powered by Mars AI Engine.

Some of the features include:

  • End-to-End Offer Management for Mars Campaigns

  • Real time offer validation

  • Intelligent Offer allocation /updation based on user behaviour

  • Anti coupon exploitation options


What is a Critical Event?

Mars system consider any activity that user performs on device which could be altered or forged to reap benefits for the user or could incur cost(Monetary or non-monetary) to the business.


Reward handling flow

Reward Handling flow

Critical event with no offers applied

A critical event is performed by user on the device(Eg: ORDER_COMPLETED) with no coupon code applied in the transaction. Mars managed coupon infra can perform following

Verify the occurance of a critical event

There is always a possibility of bad actor pretending to an actual app user and imitating the critical events to rig the offer system. Marax system will not consider any critical events that are reported directly from device as a source of truth. In this scenario the event sent by client servers will be used to verify its occurrence by Incentive infra

Apply an auto-applicable offers(eg: no-coupon required rewards)

In cases where a user is eligible for offers with out any application of coupons(eg: No coupon required offers), Incentive infra can auto apply and return back the details back to client SDK

Critical event with offers applied

When a critical event is performed with offer applied on it, Incentive infra can verify that the applied offer is valid considering the applied offer and evaluating the constraints on which is it is applicable